Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Stripes Sweatshirt

Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Stripes Sweatshirt

Now another thing I noticed whilst watching the film- many character traits were missing. In the first film Star-Lord, played by Chris Pratt, was funny, full of energy and jokes. In this film he seemed tired, and lacked the Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Stripes Sweatshirt that made his character such a standout in the Marvel library. He just seemed mopey and his jokes felt forced and he seemed really unhappy to be with the Guardians. Meanwhile Drax- he looked different in some respects and acted a little off. Yes he was still very litteral, but he seemed more light-hearted. One of my favourite things with Drax, is how annoyingly clueless he was and his dark side was something I also loved. Now he just seems too happy. Rocket- a character I have never really liked due to me thinking he is just actually a rude character, seemed even ruder- he hadn’t learnt anything from film one. Yondu’s, portrayed by Michael Rooker, voice also sounded a little off to begin with in the film, which I found odd. A few things were just off. The fun was gone.

Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Stripes Sweatshirt(Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Stripes Sweatshirt)

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