Tampa Bay Lightning 2x Stanley Cup Champions Shirt

Long distance calls were also extremely expensive at this time. We wrote an occasional letter to relatives far away, but that was it. Cell phones and the internet were not a Tampa Bay Lightning 2x Stanley Cup Champions Shirt of life. We understood why our neighbor had a distant relationship with her nephew. Mom also took this lady to the grocery and on other errands. We’d take her leftovers, cookies or other baked goods once or twice a week too. My mother paid a beautician to cut and style this ladies hair once every month or two. Then mom would take her out to lunch. We knew this neighbor was a woman living in a lovely home but without much income or friends. My parents, for example, gave her our old window box air conditioners when they put in central air conditioning in our home. I’d go over and vacuum and clean her kitchen and bathroom every week or two. She lived on the first floor of her house. I never saw the upstairs. We never expected any payment.

Steven Grant Moon Knight T Shirt

Steven Grant Moon Knight T Shirt

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