Official Pitt Panthers Sun Bowl Match Up 2022 Shirt

Official Pitt Panthers Sun Bowl Match Up 2022 Shirt

You can wear whatever you want, but remember: This is the office party. This is a Official Pitt Panthers Sun Bowl Match Up 2022 Shirt of people with whom you work, so if you wouldn’t wear a revealing dress to work, don’t wear it to the office party. Also, don’t drink much you presumably know your limit, so stop well short of it. Because again—you work with these people. When I worked at TV Guide, senior staff regularly attended the Christmas parties, which (at least at the beginning) were lavish, usually held in off-site venues and allowed employees to bring spouses. You don’t want your boss’s boss asking who that was—the girl in the thigh-high bandage dress and hooker heels or the guy who threw up on the white-glitter sparkle Christmas tree. Women get the brunt of the judgmental post-party gossip about attire while men generally have to do something memorably bad, but I imagine a male manager showing up in gold lame hot pants would cause a stir in most business environments.

Official Pitt Panthers Sun Bowl Match Up 2022 Shirt

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