Whatever It Takes #Endgame shirt

Whatever It Takes #Endgame sh


I wish I knew how to make those feelings stop when they happen. Another taking himself for a god of Whatever It Takes #Endgame shirt wisdom dumb ass. I’m telling you it’s bullshit. I agree that breaking up face to face is more respectful, classy and honest, but if your ex had a strong attachment they will be missing you, no matter how you break up.

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Whatever It Takes #Endgame sh
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Whatever It Takes #Endgame sh
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Not in a lovely Whatever It Takes #Endgame shirt , I just wanted to know if he is happy. If he had the kids he wanted and I couldn’t give him. If I make him happy when we were together. Cause I know I wasn’t easy. Well, at least I admit it and let him go. I did not know at the time why.

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Whatever It Takes #Endgame sh
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Whatever It Takes #Endgame sh

But when I got back in Australia 2 weeks after she told me, I have Whatever It Takes #Endgame shirt found somebody else. Wow, then I realized she has been cheating on me several times before. I going to stop here. She has destroyed my life entirely emotionally, financially, etc. I now have to reinvent myself and it’s very hard. I now question what love really is and what does it mean?

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